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Welcome to the Fall Alpaca Spectacular 2023!
Iowa State Fairgrounds
Des Moines, Ia
October 20 - 22, 2023

3 Halter Shows, 2 Walking Fleece Shows
That's 5 shows over just 3 days

Click here to register for AAS
The American Alpaca Showcase
(Stalls, Animal Entries, Full Fleece, Walking Fleece, Production, Sponsorships, & Vendors)

Click here to register for IAS
The Illinois Alpaca Show
(Animal Entries & Small Breeders Entries)

Click here to register for ABRFF
ABR Fall Fest
(Animal Entries & Production Entries)

Click here to register for ABR Fleece
ABR Fall Fest Fleece Show
(Fleece Show Entries only)

Alpaca Show Management Services is excited to invite you to attend our Fall Alpaca Spectacular 2023!  The last 2 years have been such a success that we have decided to offer the same format again with a twist.  This year though Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies will again bring their Fall shows east and work together to create this event.  So this year it will be the American Alpaca Showcase, the Illinois Alpaca Show,  and the ABR Fall Fest all happening in one weekend at one venue in Des Moines. 

What's all the hub-bub you ask?  A 5 show, one location format is a win win for all involved, one CVI, one trip off of the farm, one drive to the shows, one hotel room, one set of meals, one set of stalls, one sponsorship - but 5 shows!  All you have to do to get the 5 show experience is pay the animal entry for the additional shows, that's it.  So for just $50 per show you get a different judge's opinion, all without the additional time, expense, & travel (See above to view the class options for each show).  We are especially pumped to be returning to the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  This location will supply us with a facility that is just spectacular in every way!  It is a true livestock facility, with a wide open layout allowing us to put everything under one roof!  Our goal is to make this the greatest show and the absolute place to be in October!!!! We will run just 3 halter shows, 1 each day.  This format worked amazing at our Spring mega show, the Eastern Alpaca Jamboree.  This new format with a twist allows us more animals at a much more comfortable pace!  Of course if you do not want to enter all 5 events you do not have to; feel free to sign up for whatever events you feel will fill your weekend perfectly for you. No matter what we are 100% committed to making this the most exciting show in history and ASMS and ABR will be bringing, as always, professionalism and expertise. 

All 5 shows are AOA Certified Halter Shows using the 50/50 judging criteria. They will be facilitated in accordance with the current 2023 AOA show division rules. The Iowa shows are preparing for their 10th year in 2023 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds under the direction of Alpaca Show Management Services which is a blending of show coordinator veterans Kevin O'Leary and Scott Young who together have run over 100 Alpaca Shows across the country.

How to register for the 2023 Fall Alpaca Spectacular

The American Alpaca Showcase is the host show so you have to click on the link above for that show and at the very least register for Stalls and Alpaca Halter Entries, including Small Breeder on that site.  The AAS site is also where you would sign up for Walking Fleece, Production, Sponsorships & Vendor spaces. 

The Illinois Alpaca Show registration site will accept Alpaca Halter Entries.

The ABR Fall Fest site will accept Alpaca Halter Entries, Small Breeder entries, and Walking Fleece entries.

Please understand we would love for you to sign up for all 5 shows but no matter how many shows you choose to sign up for, you must still go to the AAS registration site to sign up for stalling and other assorted items.  Remember to click through all 3 links in order to sign up for all 5 shows.

How do I PAY for the Show(s)

Once you register for the shows we will email you an invoice showing the cost for all your entries and including a link that you may pay with a credit card,  You can just click through the link and pay with any credit card you would like or instructions will be given to send a check as well if you prefer.

This year's judging ling up includes:

Diana Timmerman - AAS Suris & AAS Walking Fleece

Robin Nasemann - AAS Huacaya Males, AAS Walking Fleece & IAS Suris

Stephanie Gylptis - AAS Huacaya Females & ABR Huacaya Males

Ken Hibbits - ABR Walking Fleece, ABR Huacaya Females, & IAS Huacaya Males

Jacob Hart - ABR Walking Fleece, ABR Suris, & IAS Huacaya Females

Don 't forget to upload your AOA Certificates and your Exhibitor's Disclosure Forms,  & Owner of Record for Show Entry Form (if applicable) to the AlpacaReg database.

We look forward to seeing you in Des Moines at the 2023 Fall Alpaca Spectacular!

Scott Young
Hilltop Alpacas
7825 County Hwy 67
Hancock, NY  13783
(607) 637-5201
Kevin O'Leary
RiverView Alpacas
12746 Yacht Club Circle
Fort Myers, FL  33919

(603) 616-6010